Arpège Opera

“I love natural colouring treatments because I love the beauty of nature. It’s the only force that requires no outside approval, being the pure expression of reality. The choice of colouring treatments with a natural effect is relaxed, the expression of acceptance of our personal identity".

- Marco Todaro -


Arpège Opera is a true revolution in the world of hair colouring. Inspired by the magic of music and by observing children's hair, the purest hair of all, where colours, shades, shine and freshness come together to create the most beautiful effects.

To recreate that same vitality, we have developed products of the finest quality, which allow us to create chromatic expressions that are always different and unique.

We bet you’ll… listen to a new tune that will surprise you!


With Arpège, the hairstylist becomes a conductor who directs colours to create a look that is tailored perfectly to suit each individual client, in complete harmony with her features. Looks that can be replicated in any Arpège salon thanks to the colour pattern that each "musician" will compose especially for you, creating your own personal score, in line with your musical tastes, be they rock, classical or jazz. Acts, symphonies, scores and tenors are just some of the words you’ll hear in our salons… Want to know more? Come and find out what we mean.

Are you a hairstylist?

Marco Todaro and his team look forward to seeing you all over Italy with the Arpège Opera training tour. You can be part of it all!

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