Marco Todaro

“If I’ve learned one thing in all these years, it’s that fashion only counts for so much.
What really matters, is listening your client and giving her what she wants.
The salon has to be a hive of active listening: with Arpège Opera, this becomes absolutely natural.”

Marco Todaro presents Arpège Opera

"I drew inspiration from the magic of music in the creation of Arpège Opera. For natural-looking hair, to create a perfectly harmonised look, to make your colour sing!"


Marco Todaro is an eclectic and talented hairstylist. Thanks to his wealth of experience and ground-breaking ideas, he has become a point of reference in the world of Hair Design. He has been a leading figure in the national and international world of hairstyling for over thirty years, creating highly successful collections and formats that have contributed to the professional growth of thousands of salons. At the forefront of the most important events in the world of fashion, entertainment, TV and cinema, Marco Todaro is driven by an immense love for his art, for female beauty and for Italy.

With the creation of Arpège Opera, Marco has crowned his life-long dream: to create the natural harmony of colour on his client’s hair, making them feel as comfortable as if they were wearing the most beautiful bespoke outfit.  Our hair tells the world who we are, how we feel. With Arpège, Marco wants women to feel beautiful, making them look their best every day, creating an image that really represents them, regardless of fashion trends.

Make your hair a work of art, an opera…Arpège!


Art and experimentation

I like to call it home, CASA ARPÈGE at Docks Dora in Via Valprato 68 in Turin because it is the place where creativity and experimentation lead to innovative and stimulating ideas. It is precisely there that thanks to attentive listening to clients, I was able to get involved and go beyond my borders by creating the Arpège project.


Professional expertise and dreams

Professional expertise, talent and creative research: these are just some of the qualities that characterise the Arpège team. Elements of an orchestra that play together to achieve a unique performance, as unique as Arpège Opera.


To create a dream of beauty

Ongoing artistic and technological research is the foundation of my philosophy. Listening daily to the needs of my clients and contacts with national and international fashion shows, working behind the scenes, ensure that I am always at the forefront of the industry and capable of guaranteeing hairstylists and clients the best version of the Arpège dream.

Are you a hairstylist?

Marco Todaro and his team look forward to seeing you all over Italy with the Arpège Opera training tour. See the events calendar!